Kan'ichi Kuroda
Dialectic of Praxis
Umemoto's Philosophy of Subjectivity
and Uno's Methodology of Social Science

Translated by Society for the Study of Marx's Thought
Suggestions on the English text by Andrew Driver
Published by Kaihoh-sha, 148mm-210mm, hard, 320 pages,
5000 yen, ISBN978-4-89989-050-8.
A Study of the Relationship between Political Economy,
Historical Materialism, and Praxiology


I. Philosophy of Subjectivity and Historical Materialism

A. What is the "Toposical Tachiba"?
B. The Present and Past of Umemoto's Theory of Subjectivity
C. The Basis and Structure of Degeneration

II. Confused 'Dialectic of the Subject of Cognition'
A. Destruction of the Logic of Origo
  1. Summary of Umemoto's Epistemology
  2. Umemoto's Defect in Epistemology
  3. Reversed Hegelianism

B. Objective Cognition and the Logic of Self-Awareness
  1. Ontology and Epistemology
  2. Negation of "Two Circular Structures"
  3. Objective Cognition and Value Consciousness

C. Evaporation of Praxiology
  1. Alienation and Self-Awareness
  2. Objectivization of Praxis
  3. Strained Interpretation of Uno's Theory
  4. Political Economy, Materialist Outlook of History, and Praxiology
  5. A Domain Proper to the Theory of Revolutionizing Praxis

III. Defects in Criticism of Uno's Economics

A. Problem Awareness
B. Fall into a "View that the Principles are Lost in the Historical Process"
C. Historicistic Remedy for the Theory of the Circulation Form
  1. Beautification of a Distorting Tendency to Emphasize the Circulation Form
  2. Complementation of the 'Theory of Form without the Logic of Substance'
  3. On the Trans-Historicization of the 'Dual Character of Labour'

IV. Political Economy and Materialist Outlook of History
A. 'Anatomy of Bourgeois Society' and 'Anatomy of History'
B. Consolidation with Reversed Hegelianism
C. 'Logic of Circularity' and 'Logic of History'

V. Political Economy and the Logic of Revolutionization

A. Defects in the Understanding of Political Economy
B. Distortion of 'Labour-Power Commodity'
  1. On the Dialectic: Commodity Market and the Production Process
  2. Private Property and Capitalist Property
  3. Negation of the Negation: Sublation of the Commoditization of Labour-Power

C. Capitalist Thingivation and the Logic of its Revolutionization


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