Kan'ichi Kuroda

Engels' Political Economy
On the Difference in Philosophy
between Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Marxism is the only intellectual weapon that can open the twenty-first century, the bridgehead for starting another revolutionary century! And you can never grasp the quintessence of Marxism unless comprehending the difference in philosophy between Marx and Engels. Kuroda's lecture compiled in this volume will be a beacon to you. In inheriting living traditions of Marxism the book serves the people across the world.

4400yen, 148 mm-210 mm, hard cover, 370 pages,
Published by Kaihoh-sha, ISBN978-4-89989-049-2.


Preface to the English Edition

I. Das Kapital and the Contemporary World

II. Marxist Political Economy in Postwar Japan

 Submission to Stalin's Article / Providing a Foundation for the 'Molotov-Cocktail Programme' / Confusion of the Theory of Socialism / The Completion of the Distortion of Marx's Political Economy / Characteristics of Uno's Theory of Economics

III. Stalinist Interpretation of the Theory of Commodities
 Re-interpretation of the Theory of Commodities as a Theory of Simple Commodity Production / Vulgarization of Marx's Dialectics / The Emblem of Stalinist Political Economy

IV. Vulgarization of Marx's Political Economy by Engels
1. The Issue Related to the Materialist Outlook of History and Political Economy
2. The Issue Related to Political Economy and the Economic History of Society
3. The Issue Related to the Commodity-Economy View of History
4. On the Capitalist Structure of the Unmediated Production Process
5. Engels' Thesis and the Bankruptcy of its Interpretation

V. Das Kapital and the Essential Contradiction in Capitalist Production
 Engels' Interpretation of Marx / 'Contradiction' in the Commoditization of Labour-Power / Summary and Perspective


The significance of and blind spots in Tsushima Tadayuki's theory of 'socialism'
The problems of Uno's theory of economics and its studies by the Uno school
Problems with the economic philosophy of Kakehashi Akihide .


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