Kan'ichi Kuroda
Studies on Marxism
in Postwar Japan

Main Issues in Political Economy and
the Materialist Outlook of History

Translated by Society for the Study of Marx's Thought
Suggestions on the English text by Andrew Driver
Published by Kaihoh-sha, 148mm-210mm, hard, 270 pages,
6000 yen, ISBN978-4-89989-065-2.


The Beginning of the End
 1. Militant Attacks against the 'Wall of Yankeedom'
 2. Historical Significance
 3. The Darkness over the Contemporary World

Studies on Marxism in Postwar Japan
 Main Issues in Political Economy and
 the Materialist Outlook of History

Historical Materialism and the Contemporary World

 A. Marx's Radiant Thought
 B. The Chaotic Fin de Siècle World
 C. Disappearance of Views of History
 D. My Investigation as to the 'Dialectics of Society'
 E. On Marx's Formulation of the Materialist Conception of History
  [1] The principle of historical materialism or the dialectics of society
  [2] The materiality and positivity of relations
  [3] The formed positiveness and variability of production relations
  [4] The superstructure and economic structure of society
  [5] The mode of production and the life process
  [6] Social existence and social consciousness
  [7] Transformation of the form of society
  [8] Substantive constitution of the superstructure
  [9] Transformation of the social mode of production
  [10] The end of the 'prehistory of human society'

Main Subjects of Marxist Studies on Political Economy
after the Stalin Criticism in Japan

  [1] Abstract human labour
  [2] Existence-form and its substances
  [3] Commodity market and production process
  [4] Quantity and quality of labour
  [5] Social division of labour
  [6] The theory of the structure of thingivation
  [7] Relationship between the logical and the historical
  [8] The method and object of the concrete analysis of contemporary capitalism
  [9] 'Organizing of capitalism' and socialism
  [10] 'Standpoint of negation'

For the Renaissance of Marxism in the 21st Century

 I. The World at the Opening of the 21st Century
 II. The Crisis of Today's Marxism
 III. Studies of Marxism in Postwar Japan
  1. Philosophy of Subjectivity
  2. The Theory of Technics
  3. Uno's Tri-stadial Methodology
  4. The Theory of Socialist Society
 IV. Revolutionary Marxism in Japan
  1. My Subjectivity
  2. Criticism of Stalinism
  3. Taketani's and Uno's Tri-stadial Theories
 V. A Perspective of Marxism
  1. Main Points of My Works
  2. Creation of the Theory of Organizing Praxis
  3. The Resurrection of Marxism


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