Kan'ichi Kuroda
Stalinist Socialism
Basic Problems of the Theory of Socialism

How should we evaluate today's USSR? -

This is the touchstone for communists in the 20th century.
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Published by Kobushi Shobo, 1996, 800yen. ISBN978-4-87559-101-6


Basic Problems of the Theory of Socialism

I. The Method of the Theory of the Soviet Union
II. Defects in Trotsky's Theory
III. Is the Soviet Society Bureaucratic State Capitalism?

Appendix 1: Study on the Soviet Union

Appendix 2: Deranged Theories of “Socialist Society”

A. The Advent of the Chinese Commuinst Party's New Thoery of Socialism
B. Distortions of Marx's Theory of Communism
C. Marx and Stalinists on Socialism

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